Choosing a Real Estate Title Company

Selecting the right real estate title company can mean the difference between a complicated, delayed and problematic sale closing and a smooth and expeditious one.

Choosing a home can be one of the most exciting yet most tedious experiences for a family or a couple. It can definitely be fun, but the amount of preparation that it needs can be enough to overwhelm anyone. In order to have less of a hassle in buying the home of your dreams, you can opt to hire a real estate title company to do the tedious work for you. Before you go out and settle with just any title company, there are a few things you must know in order to get the best out of hiring a professional.

Here are four things you should look for in choosing a real estate title company.

Reputation of the company

The first thing you would want to do is to research on the reputation of the company that you are potentially considering. You can start by asking your friends and acquaintances who you know have had a recent experience with real estate transactions for some recommendations for the company that they have been satisfied with. This may also lead to you finding out about some companies to watch out for and to not hire due to bad business history with them. Ask them for details such as promptness in answering calls and questions, transparency with details, confidence in his or her work, professionalism and other criteria you would like for the company to have.


In order to find out if the company is reputable and credible, it is best to find out if they have prior experience and how their company history in terms of transactions are. The title lawyer they will assign to you should be friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, credible and confidential. Ask a lot of questions when interviewing your potential agent to find out about their business ethics. Ask about their previous experience and the relationship they have with their previous clients.


This criteria is more for practicality. Since you would have to visit the title company lawyer or agent multiple times, it would be better if they were located near you for convenience. Buying a house might also entail you to reach the office of the title company sometimes urgently and having them near you would be a great help in those cases.


Lastly, you must factor in the fees that the title company will be charging for their services. Should you find from your research that two or more companies meet your qualifications, including the three criteria mentioned, the fees may be the deciding factor for you. Only entertain title companies with reasonable fees. You can find out about the average fees by asking around.